Simple Recipes

What do we consider a simple recipe? It is a recipe that anyone can follow. It doesn't matter if you lack in cooking experience and have no idea what you are doing - you can easily follow the recipe and finish with something tasty. A simple recipe is also a quick recipe - it shouldn't take a long time to cook your meal. It is better to spend your time doing something else. It is also a cheap recipe - no fancy ingredients that can only be obtained from exotic places and expensive shops. And finally - it should not leave you with a big mess to clean up. This is our idea of a simple recipe and these are our simple recipes:

Some days, nothing goes right. Some days, what you really need to make the day salvageable at all is a mouthwatering, breathtaking, delicious and fabulous melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies recipe. These chocolate chip cookies are guaranteed to turn the worst day into a dim memory.

Apple crisp is a quick, easy, and delicious fall treat. Learn how to make this family-friendly autumn dessert from cinnamon, apples, oatmeal , and a few simple ingredients. On a chilly autumn day, nothing compares to a slice of hot apple crisp straight from the oven topped with generous spoonful of molten vanilla ice cream.

Pancakes may be the original comfort food. Every culture around the world enjoys some version of the pancake: from Russian blini to French crepes to tortillas. Filling and delicious, traditional pancakes seem to be relegated to lazy weekend end mornings today, but with preparation time of just 20 minutes from start to eat, pancakes are great any day of the week.

Want a decadent treat that's easy to make? Try this irresistible banana bread recipe - it's guaranteed to be a hit at any party, and to become a favorite quick-and-delicious snack around the house. This banana bread recipe is particularly special because, not only is it incredibly moist, but it's lower in calories than most. That's because it requires NO EGGS. That's right, so go on and lick the batter!

Mashed Potatoes – the original homemade comfort food - easy to make and so simple to vary. Try a mashed sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving or cheesy twice-baked potatoes to add interest to any meal. Serve plain with melted butter, gravy or spice up with fresh garlic or onion to make your mashed potatoes more interesting.

This very delicious waffle recipe was inspired by a trip to Northern Minnesota many years ago. It combines our family’s love of French toast and waffles. It was a favorite Sunday morning breakfast of a great-uncle and has become a family tradition. It is very easy to create. You simply use your waffle iron to cook them and since this recipe uses thick sliced bread, it has no spillovers and offers a quick clean up afterwards.